GoodFlow let you run a remote team efficiently

With all your workflows in single place, GoodFlow helps you work in collaboration with your teammates and keeps everyone in loop on the ongoing work.

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workflow design for remote teams

You can ensure all the work is happening following the process you want

With GoodFlow you can ensure that all the work is happening exactly the way you want them to happen even when working remotely. Without writing a single line of code, you can create stunning processes that will adhere to compliances and team members can follow them easily across multiple departments.

central data viewing for all remote works

With bird's eye view see how the works are progressing

GoodFlow helps you understand how the works are running across teams. At a glance, you will be able to see which Perform is at which stage and how smooth things are running. You will be always on top of the data with advanced data filters to help you take proper decisions.

Keep the information centralized with work guidelines

Any member who is working from home on a process can refer to the process guides while working. Create process documentation easily with GoodFlow. It helps the team members in efficient onboarding, knowledge sharing, and perform efficiently.

Comments, activity logs while working remotely.

Communicate transparently

Keep the conversation going on comments, see how things are happening with the journey of a workflow, see the activity log, and be in the loop.

Move your office online and run more efficiently

More power to you to keep your team's work organized while working from home

Assign teammates and deadlines to tasks

Assign tasks to teammates, set deadlines, and complete the works in proper time the SLA is set. GoodFlow helps you to manage all the works from remote just like if you are together.

Automate recurring works

Get more done in less time. Define trigger points at completion of any task or field value change and based on custom conditions,  you can assign automation effects like firing a dynamic email, automatic stage transition, or Webhook calling.  Thus making a process super efficient and interactive.

Create reports in minutes

With custom chart based reports, advanced data filters you will always be in clarity. GoodFlow helps you understand how works are running across teams and you can easily tweak and enrich your processes.

See tasks at a glance

See all the tasks you are assigned in a single view with due dates and work based on urgency.

We want to help you working remotely with maximum efficiently and peace of mind