Purchase request management


Managing purchase requests easily, approving them and keeping track of them is required in almost every business. Visualizing all purchase requests in a single place, understanding the current stage of the requests, getting approvals, tracking the approval flow will be on your fingertips with GoodFlow process management platform.

How the purchase request template will help you

  1. Standardize your best practices: Define how the purchase request will flow through the approval process. GoodFlow helps you to tweak any custom stage or task you need to implement your best practices.
  2. Easy approval process: No long emails, texting, and calling people to get approvals. You can assign people responsible for approvals in a click and see how it is moving through the process easily.
  3. Keep the communication central: With comments, activity logs, task assign, due dates, SLA, automated notification emails will ensure everybody is up to date regarding the purchase requests.
  4. Automate Manual activities: Send customized, dynamic automatic emails to relevant members as the requests move along. You can define at which point and in which condition you might need to move the Perform to an additional approval stage like 'finance approval' and stop wasting time on repetitive activities.

Stages for a Purchase Request Workflow

A purchase process typically goes through the following stages -

  • Request Initiation
  • Requesting for Managers Approval
  • Pending on Manager
  • Manager Rejected
  • Pending on Finance
  • Finance Rejected
  • Pending on Procurement
  • Procurement Rejected
  • Checking in-house
  • Pending on Supplier(PO raised)
  • Delivered

purchase request process workflow

Stage1: Purchase request initiation

The starting of a new Perform in this workflow will start from this stage. The task will be to provide details about the requirement and an estimated cost for easy evaluation from the upper management.

Stage2: Requesting the manager's approval

The requester need to put the manager's details relevant to the request and mark the task as done. If the automation is set, automatically the stage will move to Pending on the manager, or manually the requester can change the stage and assign it to the respective manager too.

Stage3: Pending on the manager

The manager will evaluate the request and will reject it or move it for the procurement or finance department's approval.

Stage4: Pending on Finance or Procurement

Just like the manager, the concerned person from the department will evaluate the request and move forward to the next stage either for further approval or to procure the item.

Stage4: Delivery

Once the approvals are done, if the item is available in house, it will be delivered from there, or the procurement team raise PO and once the vendor supplies the required material, it will be delivered to the respective person and the request will move to the Delivered stage.

Workflow Automation for Purchase Request

Auto email on custom condition

In GoodFlow you can set custom alerts like once the task 'ask manager's approval' stage is done, the manager will receive an email automatically with the request details.

Auto stage transition based on condition

Based on your practices you can set custom automation like if the estimate is higher than $1000 then after the manager's approval it will go automatically to the 'Pending on Finance' Stage, else it will go the 'Pending on Procurement' Stage directly.

With GoodFlow, you can design your own methods, tweak the flows, and implement best practices the way you like easily. Let's start with the template and start managing your purchase requests right away.

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