Structured approach to manage and improve performance

Define Critical to Quality workflows, involve and equip people, understand the bottle necks and undertake improvement activities in a systematic way. Top teams trust GoodFlow to manage their processes.

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And here's why

GoodFlow makes people happy by empowering them with right tool to execute lean processes in streamlined, controlled but in agile way.


Loss of revenue happen due to inefficient and redundant processes.

Maintain own rules and execution standards for each process

You are totally flexible to define how each of your process works. Create automation logics, email trigger points, people responsible to accept a workflow performance and let GoodFlow handle the rest.

If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.


Understand where your work is stalling, who aren't following processes, where most of the money is going, who approved non perming assets and so on.


Apps typically employees of a large organization typically switch in a day multiple times.

Multiple processes one tool - less is more

Manage common processes like Lead management, Issue management, Reimbursement management, On-boarding, Procurements, along with build your custom workflows and reduce cost and increase efficiency of your team members.

Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.


Saving in software related cost yearly with GoodFlow

Do less email and manage approvals with GoodFlow. All the approvals, activities of the users are tracked and you can anytime refer in the future, resulting you with cleaner inbox, more productivity and peace of mind.

Retain new hires for longer time with friendly on-boarding process of GoodFlow.

Create knowledge solutions to increase employee efficiency and reduce frustration.

Knowledge transfer is one of the most important yet most over looked process in most of the organizations. Most of the cases the documents are scattered, no real way to track the progress and results in utter frustration

Better business decisions

In a single tool, all the data related to your processes always available to you, if you are an admin