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Intelligent workflows for your business

Reimagine your business processes with intelligent workflows. GoodFlow helps you to modernize your legacy systems and make your business run more efficiently. Sequentially transition from one task to the next with minimal manual intervention.

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You can easily set-up webhooks to receive event notifications, data of a perform based on your predefined logic. You can define dynamic and static key-value pairs in the web interface and can build complex logics to receive the data exactly when and how you want.

Dynamic Email

Triggers enable you to create customized email content. You can use the client's name from the field "First name" to make the email personalized, or send the "ticket number" in the email subject to make it easily identifiable.

Auto Process Transition

Auto Notifications


Coming Soon

Auto Process Transition

Process mapping

Define how your data will move from stage to stage automatically based on predefined logic you set. You can use AND and OR conditions to validate data and ensure the proper workflow is followed each time.

Process transition

Automatic process transition from stage to stage is one of the core feature of GodFlow. The process performers can add data in to the tasks in a stage as required and can also refer to the data of the previous stages if they have permission.

Auto notification

Auto dynamic email

Define email trigger point and also customize your email body. It is easy to create custom email templates to pass the required information regarding a perform and sending to the predefined recipients.

Auto work acceptance notification

Say support engineer who is good with hardware will receive job acceptance request of hardware problems and software engineer will receive the software related issues only. You can always add multiple logics to a workflow acceptance request.


Sending data automatically to the 3rd party apps you use everyday is going to be very easy. GoodFlow very soon will allow you to integrate different apps in your process flow to ensure your data flows smoothly where required automatically during a workflow.