Marketing workflow automation with GoodFlow

Excel in marketing with proven processes. Using GoodFlow co-ordinate with your marketing team, keep track of the execution and and measure results.

How marketing teams use GoodFlow:

  • Content publishing
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Campaign idea gathering
  • Social media circulation
Content calendar management

Make content calender

Planning of content

Based on your marketing strategy you can plan the future content marketing calender and share it among your team mates.

Track content status

You can always track which contents are ready, scheduled or published, who is working on what, and track the outcomes.

  • content strategy
  • content calender

Accelerate campaign launch

Gather marketing ideas

Welcoming new ideas, taglines, concepts for a new campaign is super easy with GoodFlow. All members can discuss on an idea instantly, by provide their own thoughts in a process thread.

Reduce launch time

Launching a new brand to launching a new campaign, proper coordination and transparency in the process increases efficiency by ten folds and allows quick decision making. GoodFlow enables you to streamline marketing processes.

  • quick campaign launch
  • brainstorming
  • idea gathering

15%Faster marketing campaign execution

GoodFlow allows marketing managers to gather ideas and get feedback on ideas quickly, understand status of the contents and creatives, address bottlenecks and always on top of the whole exercise. Resulting in launching a marketing campaign quickly