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GoodFlow lets you automate your manual, repetitive business processes with confidence. Ensure compliance, transparency, responsibility, ownership, and happiness in your team with smart workflows. Gift your team a software, which requires no learning, no coding and gets all the work done across all the departments with ease.

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Design and Deploy Best Practices and Compliances in Minutes

Without writing a single line of code, you can create stunning processes which will adhere to compliances and team members can follow them easily across multiple departments.

Process workflow documentation

Help Team Members with Well Documented Workflows

Create structured process documentation easily with GoodFlow. Keep relevant content to which a member can refer while working on a process anytime.

process automation

Save Time and Increase efficiency with Automations

Get more done in less time. Define trigger points at completion of any task or field value change and based on custom conditions,  you can assign automation effects like firing a dynamic email, automatic stage transition, or Webhook calling.  Thus making a process super efficient and interactive.

advance workflow reporting with charts

Stay on Top of the Data with Custom Reports

With custom chart based reports, advanced data filters you will always be in clarity. GoodFlow helps you understand how works are running across teams and you can easily tweak and enrich your processes.

Build your Workflow for departments Across your Company or Simply start with our ready-made Customizable Templates

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Increase your Rate of Success. Create a Streamlined Way of Work. Be Happy

Empower your team members with a tool that actually gets things done. Comply with the compliances, do less email, monitor closely and keep things organized.

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