The simplest workflow management system which helps you to

Stay informed, be in control, attain peace

A great company is built not only on happy clients but also on happy co-workers. GoodFlow is a workflow software that requires no learning, no coding and gets all the work done across all the departments with ease.

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Thinking of a Process? Do it with GoodFlow

GoodFlow is the simplest process management tool you ever came across. With customizable process workflow templates, in a matter of minutes, you can start running proper workflows in your team. We make it easy for you to gather data, create knowledge based process flow, view progress of the workflow instances. GoodFlow helps you in understanding bottlenecks, in turn helping you to take data-driven decisions quickly.

Employee on-boarding

Onboarding is crucial to your company's success, which is why it’s important that your on-boarding strategy adapts as your product and business evolves.

Vendor management

Use a vendor management process to manage from selecting a vendor, doing supplier due diligence to keep track of the work.

Bug reporting

Issue tacking is another recurring job in almost any organization. With GoodFlow, manage issues for your ongoing projects and keep team members in the loop automatically.

Marketing campaign

Each marketing campaign needs a steady proven pre planned execution. With GoodFlow engage all team members, assign with task, automate, track progress, keep a birds eye view.

Launch any process in minutes

Without writing a single line of code, you can create stunning process-oriented forms to launch your workflow quickly. Using 10+ field types and with markup support you can put links, videos, images to create efficient on-boarding, knowledge sharing and custom flexible workflows.

Process templates

Define & capture desired data from the beginning

The introductory form allows you to capture the primary information relevant to a process before starting it.

Process start form

Make guided workflows

Create relevant content to which a member can refer to while working on a process. It will act as a guide any time a team member is doing a work helping him/her execute it properly and efficiently.

Process workflow documentation

Understand & execute better with tasks and stages

When working on a process, with a task view, it becomes easy for a user to execute the process stage by stage in a guided way. Easily understand the workflow and keep track of responsibilities, activities, and deadlines in a  guided way.

Process automation

Increase efficiency of team with automations

On completion of any task or based on input value of a form field, you can assign automation like firing an email, showing related task modules, thus making a process super efficient and interactive.

Workflow automation

Reduce emails and communicate transparently

GoodFlow allows you to keep an open discussion over a work flow. Getting approvals and sharing ideas were never this easy.

Dynamic automatic emails

Stay on top of the data

For any process, you can filter the data the way you like. An integrated spreadsheet view lets you go through your data the way you want, all the way.

Process data visualization