Best practices remain good intentions unless they are put into action. Goodflow helps you to create recurring checklists, process workflows and standard organization procedures in minutes. It is now easy to improve efficiency, reduce employee frustration, track multiple tasks, remove any bottleneck, enforce company policies, with GoodFlow’s smooth, transparent, automated and result-driven approach.

Automate Workflows

Save time. Reduce mistakes

Software like GoodFlow helps in increasing business efficiency more than 200%. In your process workflow, With GoodFlow's event based trigger feature and custom logic on tasks helps you to increase efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Sophisticated permission management

Decide who can do, when can do

GoodFlow lets you create custom permissions even on a single task. With GoodFlow, now you can have granular control on each step of a process-flow and can ensure transparency and responsibility.

Custom form building

Easy form-builder tool with data capture capability

Without writing a single line of code, create stunning process-oriented forms. With 10+ field types, creating flexible workflows like Employee Onboarding, Vendor Selection, Service Request Management, Server Deployment is now super easy.

Conditional Workflow

You got 100’s of trigger points to make your business super efficient

GoodFlow's Conditional Logic building gives you the perfect way to create dynamic checklists that adapt to your process-flow. Suppose your support executives can follow the required steps for a raged client based on a critical complain and different steps for a low priority issue in a single checklist.


Advanced Reporting

Create stunning reports with the data you put on a checklist

Say you have 20 tasks on a checklist. You got 20 forms there at an average of 5 fields in each. So you got 100 filter option there. That’s vast our reporting module is. You can have combination of any number of fields and you get search results and related graphs easily within seconds. Export it to Excel or use in your PPT. That’s upto you

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