IT Workflow Management for Faster and Error-Free Work

  • Sprint planning
  • Server deployment
  • Issue tracking
  • Project audit
  • Teammate onboarding

GoodFlow helps in IT workflow management, like- error free server deployment, issue tracking, project audit, and improves overall team efficiency.

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  • Sprint planning
  • Server deployment
  • Issue tracking
  • Project audit
  • Teammate onboarding
it workflow management

Plan and Manage your Sprints

Customize the Workflow Process for a Sprint

GoodFlow helps you to implement and monitor agile methodologies like scrum and build your sprint process likewise.

Automate Regular Sprint Planning Meetings and Reviews

Define what can be delivered in the sprint and how that work will be achieved. Implement your best predefined sprint template, or use from the template library and use it in repetitive processes when required.

  • sprint management
  • workflow management

Fewer Emails

Manage Project Related Approvals

You can keep phase wise approval inside each process and the lead can approve it when time comes. With GoodFlow you can even manage approvals before starting a project/process instance.

Keep Related Conversations Around Context

Rather than exchanging emails to keep track of the ideas and concepts officially, with GoodFlow it is lot easier to do things in comments around a specific context, and engaging the team members as required.

  • manage approval
  • less email

Manage IT Helpdesk

Create Custom Helpdesk Solution

GoodFlow let's you create IT helpdesk solution workflow, where team members can raise tickets, engineers can accept them and can resolve them. All in a single tool.

Track the Tickets

Easily accept a new ticket, work on existing ticket, get weekly and monthly ticket summary, add a senior team member to a ticket for help, all is possible with GoodFlow.

  • helpdesk mangement
  • ticket management

Bug Tracking

Implement Bug Tracking for a Project

Import our existing bug tracking template, edit if required and roll out for projects. QA can easily raise issues as required, assign developers, associated members can discuss on comments and change statuses.

Track Performance, Meet Planned Delivery Schedule

With our table view, filtered data, and completion statistics easily understand where your project is standing. Manage releases and delivery easily by understanding current issue summary

  • bug tracking
  • issue tracking

Reduce Knowledge Sharing Time

Create Knowledgebase to Share with New Team Members

GoodFlow allows you to create guided onboarding process for new members, where you can use rich text, links, attachments, embeds to document the knowledge base properly.

Understanding Progress

Once the new members keep going through each documentation and keep marking as 'done' , you can understand their progress and where are the candidates standing and can allocate tasks accordingly, or be prepared for it.

  • knowledge base
  • knowledge sharing tool
  • onboarding tool

13 % time saving

Employees check their email once every six minutes throughout the day. Additionally, employees spend 13% of their time checking email, of which only 23% is spent completing value-generating work. GoodFlow improves productivity by keeping the focus in relevant place.