GoodFlow as your super HR tool

From preparing for interviews to promoting transparency, GoodFlow brings companies together with efficient HR process management.

Learn how HR teams use GoodFlow for:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Leave and reimbursement request
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Vendor evaluation

Employee On-boarding

Easy knowledge sharing with new recruits

Induction trainers and teams can create standardise company or project specific Knowledge sharing materials and the new team members quickly self-learn the nitty-gratties and be ready for the job in no time.

Tracking progress of the new members

Track how far the new team members completed in their probationary period or looked into their need-to-know knowledge base material, so that you can address any bottleneck or be prepare for their next phase.

  • onboarding employee
  • knowledge base tool

Streamline your hiring pipeline

Forget spreadsheet

Candidate data management and post analysis of the data is done better in GoodFlow. All team members, interviewers can keep track of the interview schedules, keep notes of interview, change candidate status and keep track properly.

Involve team members, schedule interview

All the people involved in a hiring process can get scheduled notifications before interview, management can see where we are in the process and productivity increases due to less manual intervention.

  • Hiring tool
  • interview scheduling

60%candidates quit a long hiring process

Optimizing the candidate's experience in a hiring process in important. Even best candidates are off the market within 10 days unless you make quick move. GoodFlow helps you to do the process right.