Sales workflow automation with GoodFlow

GoodFlow helps you with the coordination of sales process operations, implementation of sales techniques and measuring the effectiveness that allows your business to consistently hit, and even surpass, its sales targets.

How sales teams use GoodFlow:

  • Lead management
  • Client evaluation
  • Sales strategy analysis
  • Spot the deals and prospects that need attention.
  • Client on-boarding

Managing the sales cycle

Prospect planning

Based on your target customer profile it is easy to keep details of the prospects the sales team is targeting.

Track prospect & lead status

As your sales team is communicating and taking the meetings with the prospects and the leads, you can keep track of the movement and understand the sales velocity.

  • Automatic sales process
  • prospect management

On boarding client

Proper kick off to the project

By making sure the on-boarding process is painless will ensure you create a good rapport with the clients. Plan the kick off meeting, and follow-up meetings and feedback meetings with the client and get notified in time.

Automatic feedback workflow

In the client feedback workflow create automatic feedback email triggers, so that after each phase completes is marked as done, client or the account manager receives an email to provide or gather feedback from the client.

  • feedback management
  • Client on-boarding

30%increase in deal closure

With GoodFlow sales workflow automation, nurture prospects properly and increase deal closure up to 30%. Manage routine tasks quicker with workflow automation, decrease the risk of human error and prevent your company’s material losses since inefficient workflow can cost as much as 20 to 30 % of annual revenue.