GoodFlow features on which

Businesses count on

Teams use GoodFlow to manage different workflow processes across various teams, helping in better managed workload.

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Task view: better understanding of a process

Following a process requires clear understanding of the process flows and proper visualization of the tasks in order to execute it and in order to track progress properly. GoodFlow task view helps any team member to properly understand the workflow and participate in it.

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Possibility to incorporate content in the process

With the help of rich text fields, attachments, links & embed contents it is very easy to create a process which itself becomes enlightening to the workflow performers. Processes where knowledge sharing is a big part like: people on-boarding, audit process, IT deployments, HR policy execution, this feature is a life saver.

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9 types of Input field

GoodFlow have 9 types of input field to help you in gathering the data. Use rich text input to create organized content or create due dates using date and time fields, with GoodFlow you have a lot of flexibility.

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table to capture data in a process flow

Table field

For lead management, may be you want to add associates, or for a SWOT analysis you are trying to put down a lot of information which require unlimited rows like an spreadsheet. GoodFlow got your back with table view. Gather as much of data you need for a task and put it in the table view.

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Auto id for a process

Auto ID

GoodFlow auto ID feature is a handy solution for processes where you need to track of the workflows like - issue management, asset management.

Track activities and refer later

GoodFlow ensures full transparency and responsible ownership by the team members. All the activities against a workflow perform remains tracked and if required easy to refer in future.