We want to
See you Relaxing

Less chaos, reduced mistakes, more productivity and happiness in your team.

So we made GoodFlow

A tool which you and your team will love to work with. Implementing, executing and measuring best practices were never this much easier.

About us

GoodFlow, the process-first workflow management tool is a boon to the modern businesses who want to achieve more by streamlining their processes. GoodFlow can be used to accelerate business productivity, improve transparency and to reduce human errors.

We made GoodFlow keeping in mind that it can be implemented in any department of your company. From HR, Operations, Customer support, Sales, Marketing, to IT.

What we believe

We believe that you know how to make things happen better than anyone else. That’s why we made GoodFlow, a cloud-based process management tool to help business leaders like you to create, modify, and track your team’s performance better than ever.

Our Company

GoodFlow is made by Appradius(formerly known as RedElegant). Appradius has served more than 50 clients in all continents and has experience of making apps and website for so many years. Gathering experience from working with different teams and companies, we are building GoodFlow, aiming to offer peace of mind.

Beta Program running

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