Finance and operations workflow automation with GoodFlow

Ensure more transactional transparency, efficiency and internal control over your finance and operations with GoodFlow process management.

How Finance and Operations teams use GoodFlow:

  • Expense and reimbursement management
  • Petty Cash management
  • Managing accounting approvals
  • Benefits management
  • Facilities management
  • Asset management
  • Budget approval

Expense and Reimbursement Management

Cash expense management

Get total control over the expense requests and forget asking for approvals in emails. GoodFlow helps you to reduce administrative costs and eliminate paperwork by providing you proper tools to manage petty expenses or other expense request by team members.

Travel reimbursements

Keep track of the travel costs like mileage costs, airplane travel costs for client meetings, conference attending, etc. The process will remain transparent, visible and always ready for future reference.

  • expense tracker
  • travel request management
  • reimbursement management

Account Approval Management

Define exceptions

With GoodFlow, unless all mandatory fields are filled an approval process can't be started.

Define approval routes

Approvals can be routed to the specific approvers based on the information provided, like: invoice type, department, etc and automatically notification email will go to the respective persons

  • invoice approval
  • account approval management

Manage Operational Workflows

Facility service request managment

Manage and Keep track of the service requests like AC repair, water spillage issue, projector servicing, broken taps, etc. with GoodFlow.

Manage Frontdesk Jobs

You can easily manage workflows involving visitor entry pass, work permits, and facility access effortlessly. People can easily raise various day to day requests and managers or admin teams can accept them, work on them or approve them.

  • facility service request
  • visitor entry pass
  • work permits

20% less time loss on approvals

With GoodFlow Finance and operations workflow automation, reduce in total productivity time loss on asking and following up on approvals.