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**You can avail discounted price only if you join our beta program To know more see our Beta FAQ section below

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What is the beta program about?

In this Beta Program, we will ensure all our feature offerings, security modules are perfectly working or not. We will continuously monitor our app's performance, features usage and based on that we will fix issues, improve usability and will decide next agendas.

How Long will it be running?

At this point, we are unsure about how many months will it be running. But we will run it at least 3-6 months. Depending on situation, we will move out of Beta.

Will I get discount after beta program ends?

If you sign up and pay us during beta period, that pricing will continue upto 24 months from the date of your payment. In the mean time, if we run out of beta, you will still be eligible to get it at discounted rate which is $3/month/user. But the first time payment has to be done under beta period.

Is my data safe under Beta Program?

100% safe. We have implemented all standard security rules. But in beta period, we will continuously monitor any data leak, security breach and will work on that effectively. Even if you come across any situation where you find any security vurnebility, e-mail us to security@goodflow.io. We will take prompt action.

When will you start charging me?

At the end of the Free Trial period which is 15 days from your account creation, you can upgrade your account to a paid plan to continue using all the features. Once you upgrade, you will be charged based on your plan and we will send you an invoice.

Avail our early bird pricing for a year by requesting early access now.