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What is Customer onboarding?

Team GoodFlow

You go into any showroom or any company a person is there to assist you and tell you about all the necessary details about the product or company that is what a customer onboarding. You signed up for a software, and you will see there is always guidance to help you understand how you can accomplish your goals, there is a one-click button to connect customer support, easy access to the knowledge articles, you are getting emails to help you understand more about the product and how it works, that is customer onboarding.

That’s the moment when you build a pathway to converge your needs, expectations, and what you can offer to them. The onboarding is to make the customer happy, open opportunities to upsell and renewals. Onboarding new customers mean listening to their queries, what do they expect from a company, and answering them. Onboarding is teaching about how a client can get out of a product/service. The onboarding process will impact either positively or negatively.

Some people think that onboarding ends at the time when the customer signs the dotted line but it is not true the job is only halfway done. The actual onboarding starts after the sale. All the companies have different teams for different tasks, either it is of selling part(sales team) or onboarding part( customer success team). 

The sales team may handle the onboarding itself or will transfer it to the customer success team, the sale process will be completed at the end of a stage of the process(sale) and at the beginning of the next one(customer onboarding). Selling the product is only the half job because without delivering what you promised or you don’t provide necessary instructions/service the sale will be meaningless. The greatest goal is to figure out their desired outcome and together build a pathway to achieve it.

Importance of customer onboarding

Customer onboarding is improving the relationship and customer experience, and it can be applied to any business in which we want to improve the lifetime value of the customer.

For any business good customer onboarding is important it will warm the customer to your brand and will be liable on the same company for future preferences. It provides beneficial information and engagement to ensure that the customer derives the most success from their purchase.

Increase in revenue

If a better onboarding is provided to the customer they will stick to your brand and will be confident to deal with your company. A good nurturing and onboarding ensures you to close more deals with the customer. Smart engagement and content at this stage can help you build a strong relationship with the customer.

Recurring business opportunity

Once you have acquired a customer it will be a significant loss if you lose any of them. Good customer onboarding helps in building a good relationship and the customer will always stick to your company, improving their lifetime value.

Always focus on improving onboarding to boost customer retention and recurring business.

Business from word of mouth

If I would be a customer of any company and I like the service provided by them. I will definitely be telling others about the brand. This is exactly what happens when the customer feels good about the product and the service provided by the company, they will talk to their contacts about your brand. 

According to Nielson, more than 92% of consumers base their purchase on peer reviews. So, it’s better to improve to quality of customer onboarding.

Reduction in customer service load

Apart from all onboarding can effectively reduce overhead costs. Educated customers with the product are less likely to encounter issues in the early period of adoption.

Customer success is simply ensuring that your customer achieves their desired outcome through interactions with your company. That’s it.