Sales Pipeline(Lead management)


Sales pipeline is the lifeline of any business. Visualizing all sales opportunities, the current stage of the leads, how a lead moved through the stages and how each member is working to make sales, which channels are working best will be on your fingertips with GoodFlow.

How sales pipeline template will help you with lead management

  1. Standardize your best practices: From the way leads are collected to how the sales pipeline will flow, GoodFlow helps you to standardize the best practices and make sure everyone follows them.
  2. Keep an eye on the entire sales process: See all the potential customers your team is working with, track the lead conversion, the current status of the leads, search based on any parameters and remain updated. You can create custom reports and keep a tab on what is happening with sales in your organization.
  3. Keep the communication central: Comments, activity logs, task assign, due dates, SLA, automated notification emails will ensure everybody is up to date and satisfied.
  4. Automate Manual activities: Send customized, dynamic automatic emails to all your prospects as they move along the pipeline. You can schedule meetings through integrations and stop wasting time on repetitive activities.

Stages for the Sales Pipeline Workflow

A Sales process typically goes through the following stages -

  • Prospect
  • Discovery
  • Proposal
  • Negotiation
  • Not qualified
  • Deal Closed
  • Deal Lost

Capture the lead data with an Introduction form

In GoodFlow, based on your industry and requirement, you can customize the lead capturing primary introduction form. If you are capturing the leads from your website and passing the value to GoodFlow via API, the fields can be -

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Message

If you are manually searching for leads from Social Media like LinkedIn, you might want additional information like -

  • Social profile link
  • Company Name
  • Company size

Stage1: Prospect

Whenever a new opportunity arrives, it will come inside the prospect stage first. In this stage, the task will be to gather details about the prospect. If not captured in the introduction form, you can capture data like company size, funding information, recent news, people to target in the company, etc.

Stage2: Discovery

In this stage either via email or phone a team member gets in touch with the leads. The goal is to determine if the lead is qualified or not. If the lead is valid then it goes to the proposal stage else to not qualified.

Stage3: Proposal

Based on requirements, once a proposal sends out, capture the document, and put other necessary information like deal values, expected closing date and move the perform to the follow-up stage.

Stage4: Follow-up

Once the proposal is sent, now you want the client to revert back and as well might need to follow up, and if any revision requires in the proposal the perform moves to the negotiation stage or if the client accepts the proposal it moves to the deal closed.

Stage4: Negotiation

Put the remarks and what the negotiation is about properly tracked for future analysis. Keep the win-loss analysis in the stage under negotiation task. Based on the negotiation, the deal will move to the 'Deal closed' or 'Deal lost' stage.

Workflow Automation for Sales pipeline

To nurture leads at different stages you can send them auto email after the deal closed or lost from GoodFlow. You can set custom alerts to certain people if the deal value is huge so that more senior people know what is going on and jump in as required.

Webhook calling on Task completion

After any event like task completion, field value changes if you want to send data to any other software, we got you covered. You can use triggers in GoodFlow and put the webhook details so that we can send the data to the API of your choice.

With GoodFlow, you can design your own methods, tweak the flows, and implement best practices the way you like easily. Let's start with the template and start managing your leads right away.

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