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5 Signs your Customer Onboarding Process Needs an Upgrade

Team GoodFlow

Before knowing the signs of an upgrade first we need to know what actually a customer onboarding is? Customer is basically a nurturing process that gets new users acquainted with your product. By giving the best onboarding to the customer you make sure that the customer will definitely look forward to your company whereas there two reasons where customers turn over the company- first is when they did not understand the product and the second is if they don’t obtain any value from them.

Just like proper employee onboarding process ensures good revenue, similarly, good onboarding or interaction with the customer ensure their lifetime involvement with your company and make sure that new customer also keeps coming. You can never get a customer if you are not ready with your customer onboarding strategy. You need a goal and a plan for how you’ll get there before you create anything that your customers will see. To keep your objective specific to your product and the customer and make it covers these three key retention goal:

  1. You can get the users to use your product at least twice a week.
  2. Establish a pattern of usage.
  3. Make your product indispensable.

There are some best practices for customer onboarding

Know your customer completely

You should know your buyer persona in-and-out which will naturally translate to knowing your customer. You need to know their pain, obstacle, and challenge the customer is facing and give their ideal solution and outcome. 

Set clear expectations

You need to be very clear with customer’s expectations and what do they need. This process should carry into the onboarding process as you reiterate the value that your product provides to your customers and prepare them for potential setbacks or sticky points.

Stay in constant communication

After your first welcome message, you need to stay in contact with the customer through emails and complete any in-app tutorials and guides. 

5 signs that your customer onboarding needs an upgrade

You cannot explain your onboarding in one minute

In every field, if the content is concise and easy it gets more easily to the customer the same way in customer onboarding if you need to make sure that customers a satisfied then you have to make onboarding clear and concise not overly complicated. You should be clear in explaining each aspect so that it fits into the minds of the customer.

The onboarding process is exactly the same for every customer

You know each customer is different then other so each customer needs different treatment and different script and if you go with the same script with all the customer then there will be fewer chances of involving customer into the company. You’re probably going to miss uncovering information about their needs, which will lead you to miss opportunities for adding value.

You don’t have an internal transition process

If a customer involves your they come with a lot of trust issues and you have told something in sales process and are not fulfilling them after the customer joins then this will create chaos for them. So, they should know that everything that was discussed and agreed upon during the sales process was fully documented and the customer team had been briefed.

 You have not changed your onboarding process at all at least a year

Everything needs a change in their processing, structure, and the way they perform. Onboarding involves people, processes, and products so, it is very likely that these elements evolve time-to-time in a year. Whether they change independently, or all at the same time you need to make sure that they change in time an onboarding incorporate these changes.

 You do not track KPIs around your onboarding

If your customer onboarding takes time then this is the earlier sign that you work on these criteria as well.  If you know your onboarding time frame make sure you on that and break that out across segments, to see where you might need to adjust.