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How to Overcome the Digital Transformation Fatigue

Team GoodFlow

One has to face many challenges with digital transformation fatigue. The organization has to face a major challenge due to transformation fatigue that mostly results from 4-5 past failures in the given initiative. The fatigue at some times can be so huge that any level organization caused disappointment, agony, and frustration in digital transformation.

As many as 78% of enterprise today fail to scale their digital transformation initiative

This disappointment will actually create fatigue in the IT department. All the things of business are rapidly accelerating and moving towards digitization. Everyone has the natural question that how to overcome this fatigue?

Overcoming the Digital Transformation Fatigue

Many organizations put their efforts and take initiatives to overcome digital transformation fatigue. Just one solution will not resolve all the problems. It’s important to look at the entire journey that is from the start date until today and access all the things that have gone wrong. There are various solutions mentioned below for overcoming from digital transformation fatigue -

Risk of Data redundancy and inaccuracy reduced

The implementation of Ad hoc on applications increasing overlapping risks of functionality and duplicate data production. It becomes more difficult to trust that business decisions are being developed with the latest and greatest information. 

Replace shadow IT and delegated development with each other

The departments should make no code or low code apps in which functional libraries are predefined and for these departments should be empowered. The freedom to self-solve of the problems is allowed by a transformative solution but it should totally under a watchful eye and full IT approval. 

Clearly defined roadmap

A well-defined with clear goals and objectives roadmap will go a long way and helps to overcome the fatigue of digital transformation. The 30-60-90 plans on the top of rolling help to develop changes and improvements that need to make all over the organization as in their process, resources, or tools.

Prioritize business with team development

The teams in the business are pushed to achieve the goals of the project but at some time they are not realistic with respect to timelines. The results of working with multiple projects by a single resource at the same time increase the WIP.

Overcoming leadership ego and resistance to change

The empowering of the team and make the right decisions for the team is the Agile transformation. The work of leaders is to guide the right direction to their team, eliminate external challenges, and helps them to achieve desired goals. Many companies hire extreme top executive leaders for making the right decisions. 

Vendors as partners of change

The major portion of most company’s IT work has been outsourced. In most cases, the vendor companies operate in silos and delivery models and the approach of them is a black box. The alignment issues are caused by this for in house resources. For increasing transparency and visibility of the work, it is important to make vendors as partners.

Like in GoodFlow we work side by side with our enterprise customers to ensure the digital transformation is smooth and effective.

“Only 16% of respondents say their organizations’ digital transformations have successfully improved performance and also equipped then to sustain changes in the long term"

Digital Transformation can be Redone

It’s true that till now only 16% digital transformation organization has improved performance successfully. The organization has to identify how much of the failure is due to old processes and approaches. To overcome from digital transformation fatigue, follow the above-mentioned ways and procedures. It will make your success rate double and this new shiny thing will never disappoint you again.