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Solving the Revenue Loss Due to the Fragmented Work Culture

Team GoodFlow

The Problem of the Fragmented Work

In any organization, fragmented became the way of work. With the widespread growth of mobile and globally dispersed workforces, businesses now facing a new challenge of ensuring their teams are able to successfully collaborate, regardless of where they are working. But the productivity is suffering and frustration among the team members increases, resulting in unhappiness in work. Let's see, how the fragmented work affects our work.

How Checking Email Multiple Times a Day, Effects our Productivity

Research shows that when we are deeply engrossed in an activity, even minor distractions can have a profound effect on us. According to a University of California-Irvine study, regaining our initial momentum following an interruption can take, on average, upwards of 20 minutes.

It Means, during a 6-hour focused activity, if we have to check email for minor reasons say 5 times, we already lost 1 hour and 40 minutes of focused time from those 6 hours without any significant reason.

The Load of Irrelevant Emails

75% of the emails an office worker receives each day are irrelevant to them. Often keeping people in CC or BCC is a precautionary measure of keeping colleagues in the loop just to be on the safe side if something happens, or for bosses to check in on their juniors, and for people to show that they are busy working.

Missing out on Information

Long email chains, segregated data makes it miserable to find appropriate data when required. Searching between threads, and apps take a long time and as a result, lead to frustration and huge productivity loss.

App Overload is Getting in the Way of Work

At a typical enterprise company, employees use approximately 60 different applications, and of these, most employees use an average of 4 collaboration apps and 20 percent use 6 or more. As a result, nearly 7 in 10 workers end up toggling between apps as often as 10 times per hour, wasting up to an hour each day on app switching alone. Employees suffer a 40 percent drop in productivity each time they switch tasks, this toggling creates an even greater productivity drain; more than 30 percent of workers who jump between multiple apps say app switching causes them to lose their train of thought.

Typical Productivity Tools aren't Fixing the Problem of Productivity

“Collaboration should never be seen as an additional task or requirement for employees,” says author and Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan. “Instead, collaboration should fit naturally into their flow of work.”

The apps do talk to each other and still the requirement of switching apps not much reduced. Rather people are switching to get the desired information in the desired way from different applications. The time spent opening, closing, and navigating through applications in search of needed data and tools often goes unnoticed by companies because this is technically part of their business processes.

The Solution Lies in Effective Collaboration

It is clear that collaboration is the key to the problem. But the solution must be user friendly, and effective in controlling application switching, fragmented work and improve productivity. We created GoodFlow, the process management, and automation platform to address exactly this issues.

Removing the App Switching Overload

In GoodFlow you can manage multiple workflows across various departments. As a result, your team members can work on multiple workflows from a single platform. Say an employee can submit reimbursement requests, purchase requests, apply for leave, manage bugs, plan sprints, report IT issues, take part in audit workflow and many more. No switching, no time loss.

Eliminate Unnecessary Email Threads

Adding a person in a relevant work is as easy as 2 clicks. Rather than keeping in CC of multiple unnecessary email threads, with GoodFlow you can add relevant person in the necessary workflow Perform s when required. A great advantage is that the newly added person can easily understand the journey of the whole work and put their valuable inputs, else can be a silent observer. There is also the option to subscribe to all the activities of a Perform, making it a choice to receive notifications of preferred Perform/work.

Reduce Manual Intervention by Automatically Proceed the Work to the Next Stage

You can write automation logics in GoodFlow and can define when, if certain conditions met, the Perform will move to the next stage. You can also define, when, on which conditions, an email notification will go to a person and with which data.

Email automation reduces the effort of writing a detailed email and also fires it automatically without any manual intervention.

Create Custom Reports on any WorkFlow

Stop asking for Reports and create your own. GoodFlow lets you choose the dataset for which you want to view the report and without much effort, only with a few clicks you can view stunning reports with graphs.

Today’s employees spend 50 percent more time collaborating than they did 20 years ago, and with GoodFlow we are providing an effective platform for collaboration. The aim is not only collaboration but providing a user-friendly, productive environment.