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Pitfalls to Avoid in IT Process Management

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Working as a team is a difficult task. Companies encourage them to work in a team to achieve the goals but it is not simple as it sounds due to the complexity inherent in team collaboration. 

“ Being a project manager is like being an artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art.”    Greg cimmarrusti

See how you can avoid pitfalls in IT process management

Poor communication

Communication is the driving force in the great majority of situations that happen in the world. It is very important to have a constant talk with each of the member and every manager should continue to take feedback from the members and show them that you are not the boss with tough management instead of you are the one who can discuss all the problems in a project.

In order to have good communication, we need to choose the proper channels of communication. You can make a chat group on a messenger and make sure every team member is involved in there. This chat messenger will help with instant talks because email can take a long time for chats. Always choose the right way of communication and have face to face talk with team members.

Lack of trust and proper delegation

A manager should always remember that a project is not about only him it is about the whole team. Each team member performs tons of tasks.  Every member should be involved in a project. You should not take all the tasks to yourself because it will show that you have less trust in the members.

To avoid this a manager should delegate tasks to people who will do their best to accomplish them. Trust and delegation boost morale and everyone feels like a part of the team.

Poorly created project plan

The project plan is one that is made before the execution in which relevant information is included. A skillfully prepared plan answers all questions about a project, therefore its preparation requires knowledge and skills from the manager.

Always make a plan beforehand otherwise if you’ll make made up plans in the advance plan then different questions will arise from the members and you will not be answerable.

Lack of breaking down projects into smaller tasks

As we know the projects are not short term and every project has its due date before which the projects need to be complete and you will fail to deliver the project on time if you’ll not give the task to every member of the group.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, managers should divide tasks between members with clear short term time limits, objectives, and clear expectations. Motivate them to complete their work within time limits and with accuracy.

Always assume that you have to use new tech

In the IT department, there are certain things which can be done using new technology but it can be very difficult to use them. Are we don’t have the solid process in place then technology will make the IT process management very difficult, not easier. 

Always find new ways rather than spending funds on new technology.

Isolate staff

In IT process management, each and every member has its specific field and quality. Some of them may be good at fixing hardware and some can be good at implementing software. Rather than give them multiple tasks you need to give them a task which is good for them. Give them tools to collaborate and let them explore each other and learn things from each other and fix problems on their own.

Solve the problem too quickly

In the IT process management solving the problem quickly is not easy and it can be a problem. There is always an underlying problem beneath when you complete or resolve a problem and clear a ticket, the member will get upset if the problem emerges again.

Always let them know the immediate issue is resolved, but you’ll be facing these issues in the future if anything arises again. So, it is important not to solve the problem too quickly.